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English Tack

Fit, quality and looks…that’s what fine English tack is all about. Properly fitted tack lends itself to both a polished presentation of the horse and the maximum performance for the horse and rider. Whether it’s a saddle, halter, rein or bit, our horse tack is made with the finest quality leather, hardware and stitching. The equestrian professional look is always traditional in nature, but staying up-to-the-minute in fashion is a must; blending a traditional look with the latest trends. Shop our horse tack supplies today!

Horse Blankets and Sheets

Different sheets and blankets have different purposes. Horse blankets come in all sizes, shapes, fabrics, weights, and colors. Any horse owner will tell you that one horse needs many different options! Weather, temperature, horse’s coat and condition, barn and turnout conditions, etc are all considerations when choosing a horse blanket or sheet. Little Saddler has every sheet or blanket choice for every condition from brands including Kensington and 5/A Baker

Horse Grooming Supplies

A well-groomed horse gives the appearance of a healthy, happy and polished horse. With constant care and grooming, a horse or pony will not only look good, he will feel good. A well-established routine of daily grooming will make the seemingly tedious job of keeping a horse clean and disease free quite simple. A well stocked grooming box should include a soft brush, hard brush, face brush, hoof pick, mane and tail comb, curry comb, and clippers. All you need to do after that is the elbow grease!

Equestrian Riding Apparel

Look your best on your beautifully turnout horse or pony! Whether you are a backyard pleasure rider or an A-circuit show jumper, the needs of the rider are the same. Fit, comfort, fabric weights, and color choices are always a must. With advances in fabrics and styles our carefully chosen inventory of equestrian apparel can take you from the schooling ring to the show ring with ease. Today’s fabrics have far greater stretch than ever before and with many wash and wear choices the show rider and backyard rider can always look his or her best.

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